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Silver Sol vs Colloidal Silver

A common misunderstanding that people may experience when introduced to  silver sol is the assumption that silver sol is the same as other silver products that they have seen or know of. The most common of these silver products is colloidal silver. This is is especially confusing, since upon first  inspection it appears to be very similar to silver sol.

Therefore, we wish to make you aware of the many important physical, chemical, and vibrational  differences that exist between silver sol and colloidal silver. These  differences are what cause the significantly improved benefits that  separate silver sol from colloidal silver and other silver products of  the past and present.

For a summary overview, this chart highlights several important differences between silver sol and colloidal or ionic silvers:

Older Colloidal or
Ionic Silver

Silver Sol

Nature of Compound



Date of Development

Late 1800’s

Late 1990’s

Parts Per Million (ppm)

300 ā€“ 300,000 ppm

10 - 32 ppm



Exceeds 99%

Vibrational Frequency


890-910 THz (same as germicidal UV light)

Works By Catalytic Action



# of Missing Electrons




Can Contain Impurities

Lab Tested Safe

Can Cause Argyria


No Known Cases


Brown, Yellow or Silver



Strong Metallic Flavour

Faint Metallic Aftertaste




Information in chart sourced from Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s - “The  Silver Solution€¯ (pages 32-33) and “A Fighting Chance”€¯ (pages 12-15).

Additional Information Comparing Silver Preparations

The following excerpt from Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s book — “A Fighting  Chance”€¯, pages 14-15, provides additional information on some of the  differences between silver sol and other silver preparations.

What is Silver Sol and How Does it Work?

Silver sol, in essence, is simply silver particles dispersed in  purified water. The term “sol” is a designation of a pure  mineral permanently suspended is water where the mineral’s charge is  transferred to the entire body of water. Differences between  preparations are plenty; however, the silver concentration and the size  of the particles can vary greatly, as can the bioavailability of the  silver and the effectiveness of the solution. There are also variances  in the purity of the solution. Solutions made with metallic silver are  tested to be more potent than other silver preparations, such as those  made with ionic silver. You may have heard of colloidal silver and ionic silver. While these can be effective solutions, I prefer the new silver technology called silver sol, also called silver aquasol technology.

Silver sol preparations are manufactured by a completely different  method, that in my opinion produces a far superior result. Silver sol  technology uses 10,000 volts of alternating current (AC), while the old  colloids use 110 volts of direct current (DC). This significant increase in power essentially supercharges the silver, which results in a  solution that has a different atomic structure than the colloids and  ionics. The common colloid is missing one electron in its outer shell,  which is why it can remove an electron from the bacteria and destroy it.

In this way, colloids and ionic silvers have been very successful in  destroying bacterial infections. Silver sol is an Ag 404; it is missing  two electrons in its outer shell, which consequently gives it catalytic  capabilities. This capability can be described as one electron  destroying bacteria, viruses, and mold while the other electron is being recharged. This catalytic conversion allows the silver sol to first  destroy then to instantaneously recharge and ”kill”€¯ again and again - like a rapid-fire machine gun. The result is that silver sol can destroy thousands of time more pathogens than a simple colloid or ionic silver. This means that silver sol can be much more effective at a very safe  concentration (5-20 parts per million, which can potentially be consumed every day.

These newer silver preparations rely on engineered nano-particle  solutions with higher bioavailability, effectiveness and safety.  Metallic silver gives off ultra-violet radiation in narrow wavelengths.  These wavelengths are tested to destroy a wide range of pathogens. The  narrow wavelength energy radiated from silver produces free radicals  that damage their DNA beyond repair. Silver doesn’t even need direct  contact with the microbe to create this effect.

Simply put, silver solutions interfere with the energy sources of  bacteria, viruses and other microbes. The process is a bit complicated,  but basically the charge of silver replaces needed hydrogen atoms, and  the result is that it blocks energy sources that microbes need. This  reaction can happen within minutes of exposure.

Because silver affects such a basic mechanism of normal microbial  function, it is effective against a broad range of pathogens. Even if  DNA or RNA structure varies or the mode of attack varies, the basic  structure of the pathogen is the same and can be addressed by silver’s  non-traditional mode of attack. While typical drugs or antibiotics are  effective against six or seven microbes, silver preparations are  effective against more than 500 different disease-causing pathogens  without encouraging drug resistance and without side effects. And a  little goes a long way.

The Benefits of Silver

  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial (some silvers have been shown in vitro  to destroy bacteria, both forms of viruses, fungus and other significant diseases including the following: MRSA, SARS, malaria, anthrax  poisoning, gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria, Hepatitis C,  AIDS, and influenza
  • Potent anti-inflammatory
  • Non-toxic, even at high levels
  • No side effects or contra-indications; safe for all individuals
  • Doesn’t encourage resistant microbial strains
  • Has prophylactic potential in disease prevention
  • Immune system enhancer
  • Cost-effective
  • Internal and topical usage
  • Works synergistically with prescribed antibiotics
  • More effective than traditional antibiotics and other drugs

Silver Solution vs. Suspension

When discussing silver preparations, it is important to note the  difference between a suspension and a solution. Basically, the  difference is in the fineness of particles dispersed. Although particles in a suspension can’t be seen, they are still large enough to settle at the bottom of the container over time. But electrically charged ions in a solution will not settle after weeks, months or years. The ideal  silver solution perfectly straddles the line between a solution and a  suspension because it maintains its molecular identity without large  particles settling. While too small particles do not have the correct  reactivity, particles of the proper size are more readily absorbed and  more catalytically effective at killing pathogens before they are  excreted by the body.

Not All Silver is Equal

Not all silver is equally effective. Old silver products were often  brown or yellow. They contained more silver but were far less effective, often requiring 50,000 to 300,000 ppm (parts per million) of silver to  kill a harmful pathogen. The new silver solution is colorless,  odourless, and exhibits only a faint metallic aftertaste. It can  terminate entire colonies of harmful bacteria at concentrations of 5 ppm or less.

Likewise, not all new silver products are the same. One product on  the market has been shown to inhibit the growth of E. coli at 1,500 ppm. Silver sol has been shown to kill E. coli at a concentration of only  2.5 to 5.0 ppm. That is several hundred times more effective than the  colloids or ionic silver preparations.

Silver sol is also much more bio-available than other silver  technologies on the market. That means more of the silver is readily  absorbed and utilized in the body. Researchers at Brigham Young  University tested many current silver products. These products were  found to have bioavailabilities between 15 and 65 percent. Silver sol  was then tested. It was not only more effective against microbes in  laboratory tests, its bioavailability exceeded 99 percent.

Here are some references:

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