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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of American Biotech Labs Silver Sol Products?

Silver sol is a potent antimicrobial agent that kills a wide range of bacteria, yeast and viruses. It also has anti-inflammatory properties  and enhances the body’s immune system. For further details and  documented scientific research regarding patented Silver Sol products, please visit benefits and science of silver sol products.

Is Silver Sol safe?

ABL Silver Sol products are manufactured under the most rigorous  standards of quality control, with a guaranteed concentration of 10 ppm. Studies have shown that these nano-sized silver particles are not  metabolized; in fact, 90 to 99% of the elemental silver leaves the body  within one day. Read more at silver sol research and colloidal silver argyria and other pages on this web site.

Can I buy Silver Sol products in health stores?

At this time, Silver Sol products are only available online.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs vary depending on the size of the order, the location  of the shipping address, and the speed of delivery you select. As a  result, we cannot provide an answer here that will suit everyone. Costs can be as low as $9 on US orders and $20 for orders into Canada.

Where does it come from?

Silver Sol products are manufactured in the United States. Orders ship from the United States.

Which currency is used?

The currency is United States Dollars.

What forms of payment can I use?

For online orders, four major credit cards and paypal are accepted.

Is Silver Sol different from colloidal silver?

Yes, Silver Sol products are produced by a patented  technology that has been proven to be inherently different from colloidal silver preparations. Silver sol vs. colloidal silver provides an in-depth account.

I’ve heard that I should carry silver sol with me when I travel. Why?

Silver Sol products are proven to be effective in the treatment of food  poisoning, diarrhea and a great many types of infections. When  traveling abroad, especially to underdeveloped countries, silver sol can serve to help prevent, alleviate or eliminate symptoms of  traveler’s diarrhea and other conditions. You won’t want to leave  home without this effective over the counter remedy!

Can I give Silver Sol products to my children?

Absolutely! As powerful as Silver Sol products are in combating bacteria  and viruses, they are gentle enough to give children at half the adult  dosage. Read more at silver dosage.

What are the side effects?

Over five million bottles of this silver sol have been sold around the world and no side effects have ever been reported.

Can Silver Sol products be used externally as well as internally?

Read medical uses of silver for all the applications of this powerful silver sol. To summarize,  Silver Sol products can be used as ear and eye drops and for the treatment  of all types of wounds. Silver has been used for years in burn units of hospitals.

Are Silver Sol products safe for dogs and cats?

Yes! Use Silver Sol products for the treatment of wounds, spray it in  your pet’s bedding or food dish, or add a teaspoon of silver sol to  your pet’s water dish every day. Learn more at silver for pets.

Disclaimer: Please consult a medical professional in regard to your health problems. Any descriptions of scientific research, product use or other information found on this website are given only as starting points for further thought and research into nanosized Silver Solution technology and potential benefits. You are encouraged to discuss this information with your health care provider. Anyone who relies on this website information in lieu of consultation with a health professional does so at potentially grave risk. Scientific data (that may be mentioned on this site) is always changing. Also, there are dangers inherent in virtually any health situation that need to be evaluated by your health care professional who prescribes according to your unique situation. The biggest danger in self-prescribing is the delay that may result in getting “the most effective treatment” for your unique body and particular situation. Only your licensed healthcare provider can be legally and morally trusted to evaluate and recommend according to your uniqueness and the serious of your health need. Although, nanosized Silver Solution products have been shown to be both safe and effective in killing microorganisms, there may be much more that needs to be considered in any particular person’s health situation. Be advised. Be smart - and seek licensed medical help.

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