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The Benefits and Effectiveness Behind American Biotech Labs Silver Biotics / Silver Sol Products   

American Biotech Labs has invested millions of dollars in testing and research, and has independent data from numerous universities and private institutions. It has information about the effectiveness of silver in regard to killing of microorganisms that no other company has access to. That’s why American Biotech Labs can with certainty proclaim their products as the ultimate immune system killing boosting modality in regard to microorganisms known as bacteria, virus, fungi, etc. Please note that there is a fine line being proclaiming an action and a support. The human body does miracles. Our products simply support the human body, and make it more effective.

Once you learn more,  you will understand why American Biotech Labs products are a must have for every person and family and emergency preparedness plan in the world. These products are so supportive to the human body in staying healthy and on top of the never-ending job of protecting itself from disease conditions caused by microorganisms. In lab conditions, our products have been shown to kill every known microorganism on earth, including flesh eating bacteria, Malaria, Avian bird flu virus, and so forth. In the human body, they are safe and assist the body to do its job of protecting itself from these pathogens. Please view the videos below to learn more:



Primer on Silver Sol

Listen to Dr. Gordon Pederson unfold the value of Silver Biotics / Silver Sol products. You will be amazed at the power to save lives in this little bottle.


Science Regarding Safety of the Silver Biotics/Silver Sol Products.

The first question about any product should not be how effective it is. Instead, the first question should be, How do we know it is safe? The below video shows scientific data regarding the safety American Biotech Labs silver solution products:


Effectiveness of the Silver Biotics/Silver Sol Products

The second question about any product should not be what testimonials are there for the product. Instead, the second question should be, What scientific data is there regarding the efficacy of the product? The following video shows scientific data regarding the kill rate of American Biotech Labs silver solution against bacteria, fungi (candida/yeast), virus:


Effectiveness of Silver Biotics/Silver Sol Products Against Viruses That Are Often On the News

American Biotech Labs Silver Biotics/Silver Solution products have already been documented to assist the body in regard to many ‘scary’ viruses as shown in the following video:


Silver Solution Improves Wound Healing

You will be absolutely amazed by this video showing Dr. Gordon Pedersen describing healing results obtained from Silver Sol Products, presented at 2009 A4M Orlando Conference:


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Disclaimer: Please consult a medical professional in regard to your health problems. Any descriptions of scientific research, product use or other information found on this website are given only as starting points for further thought and research into nanosized Silver Solution technology and potential benefits. You are encouraged to discuss this information with your health care provider. Anyone who relies on this website information in lieu of consultation with a health professional does so at potentially grave risk. Scientific data (that may be mentioned on this site) is always changing. Also, there are dangers inherent in virtually any health situation that need to be evaluated by your health care professional who prescribes according to your unique situation. The biggest danger in self-prescribing is the delay that may result in getting “the most effective treatment” for your unique body and particular situation. Only your licensed healthcare provider can be legally and morally trusted to evaluate and recommend according to your uniqueness and the serious of your health need. Although, nanosized Silver Solution products have been shown to be both safe and effective in killing microorganisms, there may be much more that needs to be considered in any particular person’s health situation. Be advised. Be smart - and seek licensed medical help.

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