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Silver Sol Use

Silver Sol can** be a great blessing in the lives of people (if it is understood and used) because it is an effective tool to assist in regard to the greatest cause of human suffering, namely infections of microorganisms in the body.

** However, a warning needs to be made here to not utilize Silver Sol or any self-prescription, instead of seeking competent, personalized, medical help in the face of a health challenge. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Recommendations of How Silver Sol Can Be Used

Of course, Silver Sol is useful after one has contracted an infection and can be taken internally, at virtually any dosage level without fear of harm (i.e. practically speaking there is no way to overdose, since no harm has been observed even at a level of drinking 32 ounces of Silver Sol per day. To help the body overcome existing infections, it is recommended to take one to six teaspoons per day. Higher doses (one to eight ounces per day) are recommended for helping the body to combat more difficult to overcome infections such Lyme’s disease, Herpes and much more.

Silver Sol is also useful for use with wounds. Just cover the wound with a Silver Sol Gel. It can be put into the wound, as well as topically only.

Silver Sol is great for dental hygiene. Rinsing the mouth (gargling) with silver sol is a great way to keep pathogen populations down in the mouth. Use one ounce once or twice a day.

Silver Sol is also great for feminine hygiene. Watch the following video to learn more:


Silver Sol is also recommended to avoid microorganisms gaining a foothold in the body. Most infections are transmitted by insects or by contaminated hands touching the face. Therefore, as soon as insect bites are noticed, it is recommended to rub Silver Sol gel on and into the bite area (repeat every four hours) and to take internally several teaspoons several times per day for several days thereafter. Following the above recommendations is one of the very best ways to avoid tick and mosquito and chigger transmitted microorganism infections.

It is also highly recommended to squirt Silver Sol (ASAP) gel into one’s hands and rub  the gel into all parts of ones hands after going out into public. This will help avoid catching colds and flus and other infections that are spread through human contact.

Silver Sol also works great for purification of water. Simply add four drops to an eight ounce glass of water and let it stand for two minutes. This will purify even raw river water. If you will add 32 ounces of liquid Silver Sol to a 55 gallon water drum, it will keep that water purified for years.

Click here for additional uses of Silver Sol.


Disclaimer: Please consult a medical professional in regard to your health problems. Any descriptions of scientific research, product use or other information found on this website are given only as starting points for further thought and research into nanosized Silver Solution technology and potential benefits. You are encouraged to discuss this information with your health care provider. Anyone who relies on this website information in lieu of consultation with a health professional does so at potentially grave risk. Scientific data (that may be mentioned on this site) is always changing. Also, there are dangers inherent in virtually any health situation that need to be evaluated by your health care professional who prescribes according to your unique situation. The biggest danger in self-prescribing is the delay that may result in getting “the most effective treatment” for your unique body and particular situation. Only your licensed healthcare provider can be legally and morally trusted to evaluate and recommend according to your uniqueness and the serious of your health need. Although, nanosized Silver Solution products have been shown to be both safe and effective in killing microorganisms, there may be much more that needs to be considered in any particular person’s health situation. Be advised. Be smart - and seek licensed medical help.

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