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Which One Scares You More?

A Crocodile


A Pathogenic Bacteria







When people are asked to name things they are afraid of, they will, usually, mention the big terrors in life —  crocodiles, sharks, lions, tigers, and snakes. What should come to our minds are those tiny, pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses because these small things cause far more suffering and deaths (thousands of times more) than the big guys.

Ask anyone who has experienced Lyme’s Disease, Malaria, Black Mold, Flesh Eating Bacteria or even a severe case of Herpes about the level of suffering caused by microorganisms, They can destroy one’s life, whether through death or bodily pain. Even with doctor’s full attention, over 18,000 people a year die despite all modern antibiotics, because of hospital contracted MRSA bacteria.

This is where silver’s power to save lives can shine. Silver is a known pathogen killer. Thousands of years ago, silver coins were put in drinking water to kill harmful bacteria, and much more recently, carbon has been impregnated with silver to control bacteria and silver nitrate has been used in baby’s eyes to prevent infection. In more recent years, the power of silver for killing pathogens has advanced tremendously.

The leader in silver technologies for pathogen killing, American Biotech Labs, has created a product line of nano sized silver solutions that, on contact, will annihilate virtually 100% of all germs and microorganisms. It is far and away the best silver technology on earth and they have patented this technology for creating liquid solutions of nano particles of pure elemental silver. Pathogenic microorganisms cannot withstand the power of ABL’s nano sized, metallic silver liquid solutions and gels. They cannot adapt as with antibiotics. The micororganisms simply die! These products are a must for the first aid cabinet and for your emergency planning.

These products can be taken internally or used topically. They are safe, yet more effective than any thing else on the market, and don’t have side effects. We believe that ABL’s silver products are a must have for every person and every family on earth. ABL’s silver products are a must both in the nutrition cabinet and the medicine cabinets; and as part of emergency preparedness. And, for women, there is nothing better to put an end to vaginal infections than Silver Sol liquids and gels. Unlike antibiotics, microorganisms cannot develop a resistance to silver.

ABL’s silver products, in many cases, are the best thing you can do for (learn more about how to use these products):

Sinus Infections & Sore Throats


Flesh Eating Bacteria





Vaginal Infections

Wound Healing

MRSA Bacteria Infections


Dental Hygiene

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